Perth Intervarsity Choral Festival

Welcome to the official website of the 62nd Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival (also known as PIV), to be held between 24th June to the 9th July 2011 in Perth, Western Australia.

If you are a member of the public and wish to find out more about PIV and how to attend the concerts being held during the festival, please go to the Public section. Alternatively, proceed and purchase tickets for the concerts.

Latest News

1st September, 2011
It's the end of the world as we know it...

Thanks to all those who attended our concerts, participated in, and otherwise supported the festival.

We encourage all to jump over to the website for the 63rd Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival. It it to be held in Melbourne in 2012 with an apocalyptic theme for the participants.

3rd July, 2011
First concert a success, onwards to the second...

After a sucessful performance of the Tchaikovsky Vespers last Friday, the choir is busily in rehearsal for it's following concert, Requiem, on the 8th July. Tickets are available via BOCS

Our combine concert program for both concerts is now available online if you wish to find out more about the music and the performers.

28th June, 2011
The choir arrives.
Piv2011 rehearsal 200px

The choir has now formed from university choirs around Australia and are busily preparing for the concerts at the festival's rehearsal camp.

13th June, 2011
Pack your bags...

IV is not too far away. We've updated the list of stuff you will need to bring, so start packing!

Our schedule of events is also now available.

31st May, 2011
Vlad is back!

The festival is pleased to announce that the cantor, Vladimir Bigdan, that impressed both audience and choir alike at BIV 2007 will be performing with the choir in our first concert, Tchaikovsky Vespers

We've released PIV Bullsheet Number 7 to celebrate.

8th May, 2011
Escape to the cape.

We've updated the FAQ with details of plans for post-IV

30th April, 2011
Look like royalty!.

We've update the registration pages with sizings and pictures of the merchandise, and we've been able to extend the deadline for merchandise orders until 14th May 2011.

28th April, 2011

PIV registration fees are to rise at the end of the month. The registration page has been updated to clarify/expand upon pricing.

26th April, 2011
Early Bird Ends Month End.

PIV registration fees are to rise at the end of the month. For those freshers amongst you, some good news - the fresher discount has been extended (less than ten left) - so get in quick. PIV Bullsheet Number 6 is out

19th April, 2011
The Revolution begins!

PIV Bullsheet Number 5 is out! Includes a reminder to register soon and important theme details!

5th April, 2011
Box office opened
Concert1 216px Concert2 216px

We are pleased to announce that ticket sales for our two concerts are now open.

14th February, 2011
Thankyou CIV!

Thanks to the generosity of CIV we are able to offer a $40 discount to the first 25 student IV freshers who register and pay by 15/4/2011.

13th Feburary, 2011
Registrations are open!

Registrations for PIV are now open.

For those who have pre-registered, instructions have been sent out on how to complete your registration.

2nd February, 2011
Happy Groundhog Day!

PIV Bullsheet Number 4 is out! Please distribute around your choirs.

1st February, 2011
Et lux perpetua luceat eis

PIV is pleased to announce details of the music for the festival, that we will conducted by Dr. Richard Swann and launch the new look PIV website.

2nd December, 2010
Looking under the Christmas tree...

The PIV committee is please to announce that the 62nd AIVCF Public Fund has been entered on the Register of Cultural Organisations and is entitled to receive tax deductible gifts and contributions. Donations may be made by contacting the PIV Treasurer,

17th November, 2010
Myrrh from full coffer, bullsheet they offer.

PIV Bullsheet Number 2 is out! Please distribute around your choirs.

30th July, 2010
"It's Time!"

The PIV Committee is pleased to announce festival dates: Friday 24th June to Sunday 9th July 2011

1st April, 2010
See you at Eastefest!

Say "hello" to the PIV committee members who are making it over to celebrate AUCS 50th at Easterfest. PIV 2011 Promo T-Shirts are packed and will be available for sale!

23rd March, 2010
"He gave them hailstones for rain"

Back online after the freak hailstorm in Perth yesterday (22nd) interrupted the PIV website internet connection.

25th February, 2010

We've just hit 42 pre-registrants. Ask around your choir and find out who has already signed up!

25th January, 2010
Easterfest and PIV 2011 Promotional T-Shirts

In response to the high demand for PIV Promotional T-Shirts at CIV, the PIV committee is considering doing another production run in time for the AUCS Easterfest. Please let our Convenor know if you are interested.

24th January, 2010
Canberra IV - it's all over.

If you've just arrived back from Canberra IV and find yourself already suffering from IV withdrawal symptoms - fear not! PIV 2011 is only another twelve months away!

A big thankyou to the CIV committee for putting on a such a great festival. An even bigger thankyou to all the choristers who Pre-Registered during CIV.

22nd January, 2010
PIV website launched.

Yes, the PIV website is now up.

If you are at CIV, find our Treasurer, Mark and pre-register with the special offer!